Hello everyone, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me hasn’t it? My password to my website is lost, meaning it was changed somehow. so I’m typing this using my phone since I’m logged in there. It isn’t that easy to get it back, I do not know how it was changed or what happened. I know a lot of you may have questions but I can’t get the password back. This also may mean I can’t work on my site until something is done about it. This could also be my last post 😦 but yeah, I’m just not into fantage anymore so if you see me online know that it’s not the real me. My friend took my account. I just wanted to make that clear. Anyways I hope you all liked my website. It’s been awesome having to meet so many other bloggers, and learning from them. Of course, I may log onto fantage time to time just to check in on things but yeah. I’m terribly sorry for just disappearing I tried everything that I could to get back on but there’s nothing I can do about it. Thanks for sticking with me! 

~Tutsiepie1234 ❤️

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Mother’s Day 2016!

Hii, I’m gonna make this short and sweet because I’m so sleepy right now- and tomorrow I wont be able to go on. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I think its a wonderful “holiday”? to show our mums how much we care/appreciate them and their hard work. You may not realize it, but your mum sacrifices so much for you and It’s good to give back to her. Soo, everybody go give your mum a hug RN xD

Here we go!

Untitled.pngWe always start off on the event info. I’m not quite sure when this stuff got released since I wasn’t there.

Lets go check out the limited items.

Untitled.pngI think they look pretty nice, compared to last years items. The good thing about these is that they are sold separately, unlike costumes which come in 1 piece. The middle set is the only set that can be purchased with either stars or Gold, and the other 2 just Gold.

Untitled.pngOne thing that never changes is the DIY printout card you can make. If your interested in doing this, click the event information sign and hit the “play” button. I would rather hand make a card for my mum rather than printing it off, but It’s your choice 🙂


Last but not least,

Untitled.pngLast but not least, you can do this “flower catching” type of thing that Fantage does in all of their Halloween, Valentines Day and sometimes Christmas events, where you buy the costume/outfit and go collect “flowers”. Above are the prizes you can win by collecting a certain amount of flowers.

And Lastly,

Untitled.pngThere’s a gift you can get for FREE if you log on May 8th.

Oops. I lied. One LAST thing.

Untitled.pngDon’t forget to collect you free gift if your a PM!

Thanks for joining me!



Prom Part 2 Released!

Hi, hi I’ve been extremely busy this whole week studying for quizzes, tests and more quizzes. Same with next week. I might be inactive for a bit after this, because there’s this big Romeo and Juliet play I have to put on and it’s alot of work. Anyway here’s the next part that Fantage released a few days ago I think but i’m posting about it now so here ya go.

— Ugh stupid Fantage wont load!!—

*Technical difficulties* 

The next half is written on krist’s behalf.

Hi guys, it’s me kristxpop564 from Fantage. Long time no see! Tutsie’s screen thing wont load so I had to do it for her.

First, here is my updated IDfone for Fantage since I haven’t seen you guys in forever. I also reached a new title! Sorry for the quality it was done on Puffin.


Now onto the updated event!

Untitled.pngtechnically, its part 3-4 on Fantage although this post says its part 2 (Since it was the second post) Apparently, the DJ is sick, so on certain timings, different Fantagians will be chosen to “cover” for him. They also set up another stand for the new limited items, only this time they were designed by our own fellow users.

Untitled.pngAnd here they are! I was shocked to see that the first set could be purchased with Stars and Gold both. The second set for some reason can only be bought with Gold, although I think it should be vice versa. You probably saw these beforehand in Tutsie’s older post. I congratulate both Melodysinger8 and xxClark (Sorry if I got your name wrong!!) for winning this events user inspired contest.

Moving on!

Untitled.pngThe poll for voting has now been closed so when you click it, you wont be able to vote for any other Fantage charcaters. The Prom King and Queen have been chosen! Cody and Sophia have now been crowned Prom royalty although you should have seen it coming based on how many votes they got.

Lastly, im sure by now most members have seen the VIP terrace thing at the Castle, but if not… this is pretty much how the room looks like.

Untitled.pngI guess you can go there with your “date” or something and eat food with them rofl.

Until next time!



Untitled3233(Sort of)



Prom 2016 now released!!

THIS is one LONG Post! First off: whatever happened to the PARIS event??? Will there be like another Prom or something? Second off: The user inspired items have been chosen! Check it out! Im guessing they will be in either Part 3 or 4 in this event.


Now the real event!

Prom is a big celebration that most high schools have, and its to celebrate your accomplishments and for attending 4 years in high school. So basically, its a Graduation but more important. 

This year, looks like our Prom is taking place in London! Lets check out the things they have added this year.


Untitled.pngMost of the stuff has not been released yet. So far, you can only do the things in Part 1 and Part 2.

Moving right along…

Untitled.pngThese are actually really pretty. I love both the sets especially the second one’s dress.

The prices arent that bad either this time. Just a few items have been overpriced:

Set One:                                                     Set Two:

Hair- 4,000 Gold                           Hair- 4,000 Gold

Dress- 5,000 Gold                        Tiara- 2,000 Gold

Purse- 2,000 Gold                        Dress- 5,000 Gold             

                                                         Corsage- 2,000 Gold

I think the corsage and purse are overpriced, besides that its all good.

Some Fantagians who dressed up really nicely:

Untitled.png      Untitled.png              Untitled.png

Juliet              Intellectually     Caroline


Untitled.pngThe Prom is taking place at the Castle this year. Look for this sign on the map to go there. Fantage usually alternates the locations as you might have noticed. Sometimes its at the Beach, and sometimes its at the Castle.

Untitled.pngLike every year, we get the chance the vote a Prom King or Queen. Head over to Downtown and click on the sign “Vote For Prom Royalty” to access this. By the looks of it, Sophia is winning. 

I voted Victoria bc she has the dress and I want it rofl.

Untitled.pngEvery 15 minutes you get to vote for another character, and then you earn some stars.

Untitled.pngIn Downtown you can also take a ride in the limousine. You have to wait at least 5 minutes I think to get onto the limo. Once it reaches, click it to go inside.

Untitled.pngThe inside of the limo looks like that, the same limo was used before.

remember, you dont need a date to have fun at Prom. Just go with your friends!


P.s if you (Or anyone else) are selling any of the 2 new limited dress, PLEASE let me know, as crazy as it sounds if you can sell it for 3,300 Gold I would be very thankful. I have asked at LEAST 50 Fantagians and everybody said no. :'((



A Night In London Coming Soon!

First off, what happened to “A night in Paris”??

Untitled.pngI really dont know what happened to the prom event, but let me just say that these items look beautiful. The guys ones not so much but the girls items are just ❤

Im just worried about the prices. I REALLY want to buy one of the dresses but the most I would probably be able to buy are shoes or something with 3k Gold :((

This event will be released tomorrow.

BTW, they sold the Wedding Veils as their exclusive item today.

Oh and one last thing:




Screw you luckybot!!


Site under construction + Todays item

I am currently updating my site and making a few changes. If you visit my site, you might see a  bunch of things mis matched or out of place such as headers etc so dont mind all that. Just a small notice in case anyone wonders why its all hectic and weird ^.^

Untitled.png“speechless” is correct. So far, I have only seen one girl wearing this dress. That also explains why they haven’t “Sold out” yet.



More items :/

Sorry I missed a day when they were selling these items. Here was the item from yesterday, and it is still available right now if you want to buy it.


Untitled.pngThe price on the other hand, is crazy. 10,000 Gold for a bouquet of flowers?? I can find flowers like those in shops. This also probably explains why they haven’t “sold out” yet, obviously who would waste their Gold on something like this?

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